Urban Sports

Case: Gemeente Rotterdam
Skills: Web design, Branding
Creating the digital presence for Urban Sports Rotterdam was like capturing the essence of urban energy and community spirit. For their platform, we developed not just a website but also an interactive poll for Rotterdammers to cast their votes. We designed the brand identity and logo, in collaboration with Stichting IKBENWIJ and the Municipality of Rotterdam. This digital hub mirrors the dynamic pulse of Rotterdam’s streets, where sports passion meets the heart of the city, fostering a vibrant community where everyone can find their place and push their boundaries.

Catchy design

Easy CMS system

Ultra-core website

Web design


Thank you

Working with Urban Sports Rotterdam has been a standout experience for our team. Developing their dynamic website, complete with an interactive poll for Rotterdammers, and designing their brand identity and logo was a project that truly inspired us. Collaborating with Stichting IKBENWIJ and the Municipality of Rotterdam made it even more special. We’re proud to have been part of their journey, helping to create a vibrant online space that reflects the energetic and inclusive spirit of Rotterdam’s urban sports community. This project was not just work, but a creative adventure.