Stem Zonder Gezicht

Case: Kansrijk Feyenoord
Skills: Web design, Branding
Developing the marketing plan for Stichting Stem Zonder Gezicht’s project ‘Kansrijk Feyenoord’ was a journey of heartfelt purpose, blending compassion with strategic insight. Our mission was to ensure every child in Feyenoord experiences a day filled with joy and opportunity, fostering an environment where young talents can flourish equally. This initiative wasn’t just about organizing an event; it was about sculpting a brighter, more inclusive future where every child gets a chance to shine and explore their potential. It’s where hope is nurtured, and dreams get a platform to grow.

Catchy design

Easy CMS system

Ultra-core website

Web design


Thank you

Working with Stichting Stem Zonder Gezicht on ‘Kansrijk Feyenoord’ was truly inspiring for our team at Pixel Fusion. Seeing the successful event and the joy it brought to the children was heartwarming and rewarding. We are grateful for this opportunity to make a difference, and it fills us with happiness and gratitude to have contributed to such a meaningful cause.