EMI - Hogeschool Rotterdam

Case: Community Canvas Portal
Skills: Web design
Creating the website for EMI – Hogeschool Rotterdam was a special project for us. We did this as part of our day jobs at the university, putting together not just any site, but one with an easy-to-use CMS that the whole EMI team can update. This task was more than just work; it was a chance to support EMI’s mission to help Rotterdam-Zuid through education and teamwork. Our website makes it simple for everyone to see how projects like Mentoren op Zuid and Vitaal op Zuid are changing lives. We’re proud to be part of this effort, using our skills to boost the good work EMI does every day.

Catchy design

Easy CMS system

Ultra-core website

Web design

Thank you

Working with EMI – Hogeschool Rotterdam has been an enriching experience for us. Transforming their vision into a digital platform that supports their educational and community-focused missions was a task that deeply aligned with our values. We’re thankful for the opportunity to contribute to such a meaningful project from our positions within the university, creating a website that not only serves as a portal but as a beacon of EMI’s impact in Rotterdam-Zuid. Our collaboration with EMI was more than just a job; it was a mission to weave the fabric of community support and academic excellence into the digital world.